Born in 1972, Robert lives in Poznań, Poland, Central Europe.

Composer, Musician, Electronics Fascinate, Architect, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Husband, Father, Cyclist - in general: enthusiast.

As a Composer – second-year student at the Faculty of Electroacoustic Composition at the Academy of Music in Poznań – with a special interest in composing for a symphony orchestra with live electronics.

As a Musician - over the last 10 years seriously involved in free improvisation scene by playing electronics, often constructed by himself.

As an Electronics Fascinate – involved in education and exploration of this incredibly innovative and creative field of technology and science.

As an Architect, a Graphic Designer and a Photographer - always interested in SPACE and its influence on human as an individual, member of a family and the community. Involved in creating projects, comics and just photographing our beautiful World.

As a Husband and a Father – busy making the World even a better place by loving and respecting his Family and himself. Jungdrung Bön practitioner.